Austria Vienna – Innsbruck, the home side clear victory?

Starting at 20:00 Saturday night Austria Vienna will play at home with Innsbruck in the 7th round of the Bundesliga in Austria.

Austria Vienna was qualified for the Champions League, after he had some emotion in double Dinamo Zagreb. The tour, in Croatia, Austria won 2-0, then was led 3-1 at home and brought peace by Kienast goal or match ended 2-3 after 82 minutes, and although they were defeated Austrians have qualified on. Austria Vienna in the championship ranks four to three points away from first place occupied by Salzburg. In the last two rounds, Austria Vienna was doing great, winning the high scores, 5-0 home and 4-1 away in Neustadt Wolfsberger. So far in the matches Austria Vienna have scored an average of four goals per game.

Innsbruck is ranked sixth in the rankings and has not managed to win any match in the last four stages. In these parties Innsbruck but was defeated only once at home by Ried 3-2. On the land side, guests of this duel still have not lost any match. Three goals is average in Innsbruck in championship matches. At all meetings disputed visitors of this confrontation, both teams have scored.